Automatic Flap Barrier

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Automatic Flap Barrier  Turnstile With Face Recognition and Fingerprint Installation
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TTS351L is an electro mechanical waist height tripod turnstile.It’s unique mechanical drive design allow the arm to be pushed effortlessly and auto-rotate back without any expensive electric motor. TTS351L series can effectively control high volume human traffic ( up to 25 person per minutes ) while still maintaining a welcoming atmosphere. They can easily be integrated with any electronic system for ticketing, access control or time attendance. TTS351L series is suitable for indoor ONLY. It is NOT suitable to be installed outdoor or near sea side. They are optimized economical solution for railway, bus station, factory, colleges, commercial building, library, stadium, game park, bank and etc.



Common parts are modular and can be easily changed by simply removing screws. Top cover can be opened for full access into internal mechanism during servicing. Regular wear and tear parts can be purchased to keep stock for faster replacement. 


Its unique mechanical drive design allow the arm to be pushed effortlessly and auto-rotate back without any expensive electric motor. If arm rotated more than half, it will auto-rotate to the next idle position. If arm rotated less than half, it will auto-rotate back to the current idle position. Adjustable absorber controls rotation force to minimize loud sound and avoid over rotation.


Smart lock mechanism effectively allow only one person to pass through at a time. Arm will automatically relock back if nobody pass through after a preset delay time.


LED at top cover indicates approved entry direction after flash card. LED at each leg indicate if the lane is available or closed down for servicing. During power failure, arm will drop automatically allowing free pass through. Arm is manually lifted up back to position after power resumed.


Turnstile is triggered to open via dry contact relay output for bi-directional or uni-directional entry. RFID reader can be easily installed underneath side black arylic. Top cover and and side leg can be opened to install external devices
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